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I have just finished a new project but prior to that I had begun contacting many of my clients who had websites that were designed before the mobile revolution, telling them that it might be time to get mobile and tablet responsive.

It is difficult for me to tell clients that they need to do something which will mean money out of their pocket into mine, but I felt it would be remiss of me not to let them know that this was something I felt was important for their website and their business.

A number of them, the majority I've contacted so far, said that they agreed it was time to update their websites in this way and asked me to do the work to make their sites mobile and table responsive. There are still some I haven't contacted and a couple on the fence about it but I'm very pleased to say that I have managed to bring some older websites up-to-date and looking good on all devices.

I want to encourage other web developers who haven't already done so to contact their clients with older websites and encourage them to bring their websites up-to-date by making them mobile/tablet friendly. And, in some cases, I have to add that perhaps it's time for the developers to do the same for their own site - tsk, tsk. Although I must also say that though my site is mobile friendly I did this some time ago using Mobile Joomla and would do it differently now as it could be vastly improved especially for smaller tablets. But it will do for now.

UPDATE August 2015

I finally got around to doing a proper responsive template. It was time to migrate from Joomla 2.5 to Joomla 3 anyway so I took the opportunity to make that change too. I'm also updating a number of pages on the site which I have been neglecting.