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Experienced web designers know that they must check a new design in the major browsers to make sure that it looks as it should. This is because browsers interpret the page code slightly differently and what may look perfect in one browser may look seriously flawed in another.

This is more true in the case of Internet Explorer versus the other major browsers than of any other browser. I've never made up my mind as to whether this is the case because Microsoft doesn't think it's important to try to function like other browsers or if they just don't care that their browser causes additional bother for web designers and causes otherwise well laid out pages to look bad. Whichever it is, they have certainly never taken the trouble to try to standardize their browser with the others.

Whether we like it or not, web designers have to consider Internet Explorer and its eccentricities when designing a site. This was much more true 10 years ago when approximately 85% of people used Internet Explorer but even now, when usage is down to only about 18%, it still can't be ignored.

When designing a site, I think it is important to do so using either Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. Then check the site on the others, adding Opera and, of course, Internet Explorer to the list.

If you're going to be extremely diligent, you can also check older versions of all of these browser and others as well. Since normally you won't have more than one version of any of the browsers on your computer, you can use an online service for checking the older versions. I use Browser Shots for this, although I must admit I've gotten very lazy about doing it recently. Because your client may have an older version of a browser and the website you're designing for them may look slightly or even very different on an older version, it is something that I would suggest taking the time to do (a "Do as I say, not as I do" sort of thing).