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My first article in the Information for Web Developers blog, concerns web designers and their tendency to ignore the design and content of their own websites.

Over the years I have updated the design of my site many times but I have been woefully neglectful in keeping the content up-to-date. I have recently decided to change that and so, not only have I once again redesigned my website but am also making a determined effort to update my content and add to it on a regular basis (the last part I say hopefully as adding new content is not my favourite thing to do).

In deciding to re-vamp my website in 2012, I have taken random glances at other web developers' websites and found that many of them are more neglectful than I of their own websites, particularly with regard to design. Some I found still even have a website width based on way back when most user's screen were 800 pixels wide, which the majority of screens haven't been since 2002. Some are still using images much smaller than they could, going back to the days when broadband wasn't virtually everywhere and images kept small so that site wouldn't take too long when using old dial-up connections. And some, like me, haven't updated the content of their pages in a long, long time.

A web developer not keeping their website up-to-date, both in style and content, risks losing potential clients who may feel that if the developer has an unimpressive or old-fashioned site then they may not be the right choice to develop a modern website. So, I encourage all of you web developers out there who've been neglecting your own site to get to take some time and update your site.