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I wrote this article about 10 years ago and in recently updating my site in 2012, I looked at it again to see if it was hopelessly out of date and should be either completely rewritten or removed entirely.

What I found was that what I said applies as much today as it did 10 years ago. There are things that I would add to it now, as the success of a website has become more complicated and relies on more than just search engine results, but I've decided to leave this article as is and build on it with future posts.

The reality of relying on search engines alone to get traffic to your website

The first question most people ask their web designer when they decide to put their business on the internet is, "Can you get it into the top search results?." My first answer is "With what key words?", and my second answer in most cases is "I can't guarantee it." I take all the steps to make sure that each website has good key words and phrases in the important areas and submit the site to the major search engines and directories but with billions of pages on the internet and fierce competition over search engine placement, it is impossible to guarantee top search results for popular search terms.

There are many marketing companies out there whose sole objective is to try to sell you on the idea that they can get your website into top search engine placement. As they are trying to convince you of this, they are also trying to convince 200 or 300 of your competitors of this as well. If you look at this realistically you will see that they can't get 200 or 300 of the same types of sites into the same top 10 search results.

While these companies do have a number of tricks up their sleeves, some clogging the internet with unnecessary pages and some setting up inappropriate and numerous reciprocal links, all of which may at least temporarily help with search engine placement, they can't possibly guarantee you and your 200 or 300 competitors the same results.

In the search engine placements wars, you or your web developer could end up spending most of your time checking out the competition's search results and trying to outdo it. This leads to a lot of wasted time and money because as you are doing this so is your competitor and the cycle continues.

So, the advice I give to new clients is:
    Suggestions for increasing your website traffic:
  • Find some other businesses with websites which are related to but not competitive with yours and contact them regarding reciprocal links. These links cost nothing and benefit both of you not only because of the link itself but these links also help with search engine placement.
  • Find some websites which target your audience and have paid advertising and pay for placement on their site. Some of this advertising can be expensive but some of it is quite reasonably priced and can bring good results.
  • Have a brochure printed with your website address on it and distribute these to your target audience or businesses which will have contact with your target audience.
  • Do some advertising, including your web address in the advert, in newspapers and magazines which will reach your target audience.
In addition to those things, before going to your web designer to first set up your website, be well prepared with good information about your business. This will enable the designer to optimise your website for better search results and a more effective pages.